Catalogs are Open for DCO Cycle 103

Catalogs are now open for DCO Cycle 103!

  • EARLY catalogs will close at 8pm, Sunday 9/29
  • LATE catalogs will close at 8pm, Sunday 10/6
  • PICKUP will be Saturday 10/12, 1:30 to 4:45pm

DCO Rolls On!!

Last July, a message was sent to DCO members announcing that there would not be a cycle in October and going forward, unless people stepped forward to take on bookkeeping and leadership positions to provide relief for the people who have been carrying the load for the last couple of years.

The good news is that KJ is re-energized and is now helping with the bookkeeping. Christine Borosh also jumped in and is now doing member payments. Thank you KJ and Christine! And a VERY big Thank You to Mary Benson for her efforts and dedication with our accounting the last couple of years.

With these changes and the ongoing dedication of all of you who do your part each cycle, we can continue our efforts to make this community project work. We still have a need for new members on the Steering Committee to continue to make DCO more sustainable.

Please contact for information about the Steering Committee or any other questions about how you can contribute your energy and talents to keep DCO rolling on.