Shared Effort Jobs

Driftless Co-Option’s Shared Effort Policy means each member takes on a role to make the group run. There are many steps in the process of an order cycle. Here are short descriptions of each one. WAH indicates a work-at-home job.

Catalog Update Team: These members update the listings in each catalog before the ordering cycle starts to make sure product listings and prices are current.  WAH

Purchase Order Team: These members go through member orders after the early and late catalogs close, put the orders in to the vendors, and follow up with confirmations and delivery tracking or pickup logistics.  WAH

Catalog Opener/Closer: This member archives catalogs after each cycle and opens them up for the next.  WAH

Receiving and Set Up Team: These members check incoming packages from vendors, confirm packing slips, and set up the products to be split for the Re-pack crew.

Vendor Invoice Processing: This member processes invoices from the early vendors. This task makes sure members are charged the correct amount based on what the vendor charges us, and also marks out-of-stock items.   WAH

Cycle Coordinator Team: This team oversees the cycle from start to finish, making sure the order logistics happen as expected. This includes monitoring emails and the Vendor Worksheet, communicating with other Teams, and troubleshooting as necessary. Members of this team also do the Late Vendor Invoice Processing and Member Invoice Printing on the morning of Pickup. Cycle reconciliation is done by this team at the end of the cycle. This job includes both WAH and on-site jobs.

Product Pickups: We order local products from Cashton, La Crescent, and the Madison area that need to be picked up and delivered to the warehouse. Some are not ordered from every month.

Label Printing: Labels are printed after the late catalogs close in preparation for product re-packing.  WAH

Re-Pack Team: After products are received at the warehouse, they are re-packed for individual orders. Re-pack happens in different shifts from the Wednesday through Saturday of Pickup week.

Member Invoice Printing: Member invoices are printed on the morning of Pickup day after all of the vendor invoices have been processed. This is likely done by the Cycle Coordination Team

Checkers: Checkers work on Saturday Pickup days in multiple shifts. Early checkers assist in putting setting up and putting out member orders and inventory. Late checkers assist in putting things away. All checkers assist members with checking orders for accuracy, inventory purchases, and checkout sheets.

Cashiers: Cashiers work on Saturday Pickup days in two shifts. They collect member payments, organize payment to Farm Direct vendors, and handle the bank deposit after Pickup.

Pickup Day Cleanup: Cleanup happens immediately after Pickup to put everything back away and keep the warehouse area we use clean.

Membership Coordinator: The Membership Coordinator assists new members with registration and ordering and informs of our group policies. They also help with general membership or ordering questions for existing members.  WAH

Shared Effort Coordinator & Recorder: The SE Coordinator organizes members into the jobs needed each cycle. They also record member hours after each cycle.  WAH

Sourcing Coordinator: This member researches and sets up new products for our listings making sure they align with our sourcing policies.  WAH

Inventory Coordinator: The Inventory Coordinator handles items from unfilled catalog splits, making them available at pickup and for future cycles. They also set up inventory labels and checker lists for pickup.  WAH

Member Payments: This member inputs member payments into the ordering software after pickup.  WAH

Credits & Returns: This member handles credits and returns from vendors and members.

Bill Payer: This member pays vendors and all DCO expenses.  WAH


Supply Purchasing: These members keep track of supplies inventory and order more when needed.

Communications Team: This team handles communications and information that goes out to members through email and the DCO website.

Steering Committee: This group of volunteer members guides the direction of DCO and makes policy decisions.