Order Pickup

Order Pickup happens on the final Saturday of the ordering cycle. You will pick up your order at the Food Enterprise Center, located at 1201 N. Main St. in Viroqua. Drive around to the back of the warehouse for the entrance.

Pickup is from 1:30 – 5:00 p.m. Please arrive by 4:45 p.m. at the latest, to allow time to check out and pay for your order.

Pickup Procedure

When you arrive, you will find your items grouped together along with your member invoice, which is a list of everything you’ve ordered. Orders will be arranged alphabetically by name. If your member invoice is initialed on the top corner by a checker, this means your entire order has already been checked and confirmed, and all items are there. If that’s the case, you do not need to bring your items to the checker. You can leave them in the crate and pack up your order once you have been checked out and paid the Cashier.

In order to check out and pay, you need to fill out a Checkout Sheet. This includes totals from your member invoice, additional inventory you’re purchasing, bottle returns, and any other adjustments.

There are a limited number of additional inventory items available for purchase, including produce and perishable items. If you choose to buy these, they will be added to the total listed on your invoice. You will need to add these items to the back of your Checkout Sheet.

When you’ve completed your Checkout Sheet, you will bring it to a Checker along with any additional inventory items you’re purchasing, and clean bottles you’re returning. You will also need to bring all your order items to the Checker table if there is NOT an initial on the top corner of your member invoice.

Once the Checker has given you the go-ahead, you’ll proceed to the Cashier where you will pay the total you owe. You may pay by cash or check. If you order from the Farm Direct catalog an additional check is required.¬†Members who are also members of WCCU can make arrangements to have funds transferred directly to the DCO checking account if they prefer.

Other Notes

  • DCO bottles and jars that you are returning need to be clean and dry.
  • Please bring your own bags, boxes, or baskets to transport your order home.
  • Return egg cartons and produce bags that are in good shape for reuse.
  • The warehouse is cold much of the year. Dress appropriately.
  • Children are allowed at pickup, but must not be allowed into other areas of the Food Enterprise Center.
  • No pets are allowed inside the building or tied up outside.
  • Please plan ahead. The pickup dates for the year are here. If you won’t be able to pick up your order during the allotted time, arrange for another member to do it for you. Orders that are not picked up by the end of the pickup time create a lot more work for other people.