Who can become members?

Anyone who can meet the membership requirements and agree to Driftless Co-Option policies is eligible to be a member.

  • Small businesses and farms
  • Retail co-ops
  • Processors
  • Individual and family households
  • Existing or new buying clubs
  • A group of friends

People who find the minimum quantities for purchasing and shared effort requirements to be too high for the level they intend to participate can team up with others of similar volume and share a membership.

Member Obligations

Driftless Co-Option is a working member organization. There is a monthly Shared Effort obligation to contribute to the running of the club, averaging 3-4 hr/month.

Shared effort jobs include weighing out and repacking split cases, checking out orders at delivery, picking up products, updating price lists, purchase ordering, coordination, sourcing products, other development tasks, etc.

See more on our Shared Effort Policy and Jobs.

Sign Up

To become a member, register as a new user on our ordering website:  You will be contacted by our Member Coordinator with information on our policies, and how to order.

You can view a copy of our new member email here.