Shared Effort Policy

Member Shared Effort Requirements

Driftless Co-Option’s Shared Effort Policy means EVERYONE contributes some labor to operate the organization (average 3-4 hours per order). Each DCO buyer account will be expected to contribute as follows:

Regular orderers (those ordering 9 or more times per year) are expected to sign up for a fixed 3-hour job to do each order cycle, whether ordering or not. Please choose a time slot that will work for you without having to change the schedule each month. The club will depend on you to fulfill this job each cycle.

Occasional orderers (those ordering fewer than 9 times per year) are expected to work a 4-hour shift whenever they order.

Once you have signed up for a job, you are expected to show up. If circumstances change,  please communicate with the Shared Effort Coordinator as soon as you know that you cannot make it. We need members to be dependable. If one person does not fulfill their shared effort duties, it can affect the entire cycle.

Shared Effort Timesheet

The Shared Effort Timesheet is used to track each buyer’s Shared Effort Score. Please make sure you sign the timesheet when you come to work and when you leave the warehouse and indicate your actual hours. Admin and WAH members are expected to input their own hours each cycle. The Shared Effort Coordinator will instruct you on this. If you put in more hours than the normal time allotted for the job you signed up for, please be sure to include those hours.

Product Pickups

Some orders from local vendors need to be picked up by members and brought to the warehouse. Local pickups count as one credit (1 hour), and others are recorded as the actual time spent.

Work-At-Home Jobs

Most work-at-home (WAH) jobs require significant training and also familiarity with how our organization operates. Therefore, we expect anyone doing a WAH job to make a commitment to do the job monthly for a year. We understand that change may be needed sooner, but signing up for a WAH job means you intend to do this job for a year. WAH jobs are essential and require utmost reliability. If you have good computer / technical skills, know how the organization operates, and are interested in a WAH job, please contact the Shared Effort Coordinator.

Childcare Options

If you have small children, you may team up with another member parent for one of you to do the childcare and the other to fulfill a shared effort requirement at the warehouse. Both of you will get full credit for your time. Please make sure to note on the timesheet that one person is working and the other doing childcare.


Two or more households may team up and order together as a group with one shared effort requirement. This lightens the overhead on the club and lightens the shared effort load for each household, especially if the timing or day of job is the biggest constraint. If the average order size for a teamed-up account sharing one work requirement exceeds the largest single household orders, we may ask you to split into two member accounts, but if both households are small orderers that should not be a problem. If you are interested in a group membership, please contact the Membership Coordinator.